Non- Medic Foundation Aesthetics Package

Non- Medic Foundation Aesthetics Package

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Course Duration: 5 Days

Is Finance available? YES please contact us directly to apply

Entry Requirements: Entry To Aesthetics ( Included in this package)

Courses Included: Entry To Aesthetics, Complications, Foundation Filler, foundation Botox, Foundation facials & Skin needling

Kit Included? NO

Are Models provided? YES

This is a foundation course package for anyone working or wanting to work in the aesthetics sector. It establishes a superior level of knowledge and understanding to underpin further aesthetic study and practice for professionals from all disciplines.

This course is an entry Non Medic Aesthetic Course.

Learners will develop a broad understanding of health and safety in aesthetics practice, communication and consultation, client assessment and skin analysis and anatomy and physiology for skin treatments.

This qualification is aimed at *non-medical*professionals seeking a pathway into aesthetics and skin rejuvenation who do not wish to follow the traditional Level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy route.
Learners who successfully achieve this qualification will be able to progress to foundation and then the advanced aesthetics programmes.

To achieve this qualification learners must achieve all 5 mandatory units:

Unit 1 - Core Knowledge for Aesthetic Practice
Unit 2 - Advanced Skin Science & Anatomy And Physiology
Unit 3 - Investigative Consultation & Advanced Skin Assessment
Unit 4 - Principles of Healthy and Safety in Aesthetic Practice
Unit 5: First Aid

First Aid Course Components:
• General First Aid
o External Bleeding
o Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis
o Eye Injury
o Recovery Position
• Medicine Interactions
• Hepatitis B Virus



Anatomical structure of the skin
Muscles of the face
Pain management protocols
Health & hygiene systems
First Aid
Product Knowledge
Treatment Areas:
Frown Lines
Crow's Feet
Managing expectations
Adverse effects


Client consultation
Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects
Injection techniques
Live models

Theory Components

Learn about hyaluronic acid (HA)
Anatomy and physiology of the skin and lower face and signs of ageing
Troubleshooting HA treatments
Pre and post treatment procedures
Client consultation protocols (medical history & client consent)
Managing expectations and complaints procedure

Injection techniques
Treatment areas:
Pain management protocols
Health & hygiene systems
Hygiene and sharps disposal and legal aspects
Product knowledge

Hygiene and sharps disposal and legal aspects
Practice of injections using models (facial injection mannequins)
Product knowledge
Live demonstrations and live models (approx. 8 per student)

Treatment Areas (Subject to Change)

Lip volumisation
Vermillion border
Cupids bow
Oral commissures
Nasolabial Folds

The course will consist of the following elements.

- You'll work through case studies and shared experiences with your tutor to confidently assess and deal with adverse effects.
- During your one-to-one tuition, you'll learn about, and study examples of delayed onset nodules, vascular -occlusions, and necrosis. You'll study through swelling and minor bruising to uneven lips, granuloma nodule formation, deep bruising, the Tyndall Effect and much more.
-The course also includes anaphylaxis training, the management of sharps injuries or splash incidents, and the reporting procedures for adverse effects.
- You'll also get expert advice on product selection.

Facial foundation Contents:
Our Facial Foundation Course is designed for those looking to offer basic but effective facial skincare treatments to clients from home and/or mobile, teaching both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to competently perform an effective facial treatment. You will cover the essential skills to effectively cleanse, tone, perform a skin analysis, exfoliate, apply mask and moisturise your client's skin. Not only this, you will learn a facial massage routine to add value for money to your skincare treatments. This is a great starting point if you wish to excel onto one of our advanced facials courses.

Health and safety
◦Code of practice in beauty salons
◦Sterilisation and disinfection
◦The appearance of the therapist
◦Bones of the face
◦Bones of the shoulders, chest and spine
◦Muscles of the face
◦The circulatory system
◦The respiratory system
◦The lymphatic system
◦Skin anatomy
◦Skin facts
◦Function of the skin
◦Skin analysis
◦Skin types and conditions
◦Client consultation
◦Consultation form
◦Equipment for facials
◦Preparation of the work area
◦Cleansing the eye area
◦Eye cream/gel/fluid
◦Sun protection
◦Facial techniques
◦Types of facials
◦Treatment procedure for luxury facial

Strictly Professional Skincare Facial Care Kit - Sensitive Skin
Strictly Professional Skincare Facial Care Kit - Normal/ Dry Skin
Strictly Professional Skincare Facial Care Kit - Combination Skin
Strictly Professional Facial Exfoliant 450ml - All Skin Types
Mask Sponges Pk10 - Large
Capital Mask Brush
Capital White Velcro Headband
Professional Solution Bowl Polythene - 8 Inch

Skin needling contents:
Our renowned Course is an intensive advanced facial skincare training course that will teach you to deliver these in-demand treatments with confidence.

Microneedling is renowned for rejuvenating the skin's surface leaving it looking smoother, with improved skin tone and firmness. It is excellent as an anti-aging treatment working on fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation but also can bring dramatic improvements to scarring and acne indentations on the face. Often referred to as skin needling, dermarolling or collagen induction therapy, it is administered using a dermaroller or automated pen applicator. We will cover both methods on this course. The process is safe and comfortable for the client, moving the device across the surface of the skin to create minute, superficial punctures that will incite minor trauma to the skin to stimulate the body's natural healing process. This in turn boosts blood and lymph circulation and stimulates collagen cell growth as part the skin's natural 3 stage healing process to force the renewal of the epidermis.

These treatments are great as a course of treatments, recommended monthly - with minimal to no downtime so that clients immediately gain the benefits with no drawbacks.

Course Structure and learning outcomes:

Health & safety at work act
Workplace (health and safety regulations) act 1992
Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999
Control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH)
Code of practice for hygiene in beauty salons
The appearance of the therapist
Sterilisation and disinfection
The personal protective equipment at work regulations 1992
The provisions and use of work equipment regulations 1992
The provisions and use of work equipment regulations 1998
The environmental protection act 1990
Safe disposal of sharps
W.E.E.E regulations 2006
Types of fire extinguishers
The reporting or injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995
Health and safety first aid regulations 1981
Electricity at work regulations 1989
The local authority licensing application
Effective cleaning
Types of cleaning agents
Blood borne pathogens
Hand washing techniques
Blood borne pathogens policy and procedure
What is skin needling
About the micro-needle roller
History of skin needling
How does it work
Transdermal absorption
Collagen induction therapy
What can skin needling benefit
Client satisfaction
Client consultation form
Needle lengths
Treatment schedule
Pre-treatment advice
Treatment protocol

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