Fibroblast/ Plasma Pen Training

Fibroblast/ Plasma Pen Training

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course Duration 1 Day

Is Finance available? ES please contact us directly to apply

Entry Requirements Level 3 Beauty Therapy or Level 3 Anatomy & Pysiology or Medical Professional

Kit Included? YES

Models Provided? YES

Plasma Pen is a non-surgical technique that stimulates production of collagen, tightening the skin and rejuvenating it drastically 5-10yrs back. By applying small thermal points of Fibroblast on the epidermis layer the wrinkles disappear and the sagging skin shrinks. Results are 3 yrs long and can even be permanent.

enefits of this therapy:​

Rejuvenates skin layers
Erases wrinkle lines
Tightens of loose and saggy skin
Resurfaces the skin
Improves elasticity and collagen

​The technique is applied with the Plasma Pen to deliver heat with an electrical zap onto the surface of the skin. It then causes a thermal mar on the epidermis similar to a burn and activating the natural collagen to bring the desired results. This treatment is applied every 3 weeks or monthly, depending on the desired speed of the wrinkle removal. This procedure is used on the face, neck, legs, stomach, arms, hands, buttocks, knees and chest.​


Health & Safety
Safe disposal of sharps
About Plasma lift
Anatomy & Physiology
SMAS Layers
Muscles of the face & neck
Nerves of the face & neck
Blood supply to the face & neck
Skin anatomy
Wound healing
Client consultation
Consultation form
Pre & post care advice
Treatment protocols & procedures

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