Aesthetic Courses

Aesthetic Courses



The Institute of Cosmétologie is a recognised provider for Aesthetic Courses. Our training academy offers aesthetic and advanced skin training for total beginners and medical professionals to gain experience and industry mentorship. All of our courses are Fully Accredited by CPD and IPHM. We pride ourselves on our small and intimate training courses. All our courses are led and taught by medical professionals with professional and academic backgrounds. We truly believe that all Aesthetic courses should be 'person centred' and we will map individual training plans for each student.



Are you looking to supplement your income or start a career in the lucrative and ever-expanding field of aesthetic medicine? At The institute of Cosmétologie we offer internationally recognised and accredited Botox and dermal filler training courses. We offer our foundation, advanced, and combined training courses in Northamptonshire for those looking to get started in cosmetic injectables, and for those who are looking to further their training. All of our Aesthetic courses are available to Medics and non Medics.

We offer the most up to date and innovative facial aesthetics training courses around. We dont want you to just qualify, we want you to deliver the highest quality treatments possible ensuring your customers come back, time and time again! From Dermaplaning, chemical peels and mesotherapy we have you covered!

With many non surgical aesthetic body treatments available in the industry they lead in popularity with clients who want non invasive treatments but with great results! We offer a range of non surgical training courses from laser lipo, cyrolipolysis to EMS bodysculpt..



All of our Aesthetic Courses are available for complete beginners, advanced Practioners and those looking to refresh their skills.

We supply Live models for all our students to practise on - this is overseen by our Medically trained tutors.

Students have lifetime access to our online training platforms. We also offer a lifetime of professional industry support from our tutors.

All of Our Aesthetic Courses are fully accredited by CPD and IPHM. Accredited courses are required by insurers.

Why join


The market may seem crowded with non-surgical clinicians, which may see medical and non medical professionals shy away from the industry. However, the profitability of the non-surgical industry is very attractive, especially dermal filler and Anti-wrinkle treatments, therefore this should not be overlooked if you are interested in increasing your income.

The non- surgical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Meaning, customers wanting non-surgical cosmetic treatment is growing due to an ageing population with more disposable income and the youth market growing appetite for self- improvement.

There is a huge gap in the market for skilled clinicians since many are providing the service sporadically while holding on to their full time position.

Men and women of all ages want to refresh, rejuvenate and enhance themselves continuously. So, once you build up a good client portfolio your client base will only grow!

Aesthetic Courses